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Sold out

Sirio GT-5 RR Cardan 2019 21 5 Port Ceramic

Sirio GT-5 RR Cardan 2019 21 5 Port Ceramic
Sold out

Sirio engine for 1/8 GT racing model cars.
European Champion 2019, latest version,  and with ceramic bearing!

The cylinder has 5 ports, very worked for maximum performance, with a large exhaust port, with this configuration the engine expresses the maximum possible torque at each rpm 
The piston is in aluminum with high silicon value to maintain the compression even at high temperatures and has a flat top with a special combustion chamber configuration useful for improving combustion and reducing consumption.

The head is new, from larger than 60mm, but lower, and allergic thanks to several holes, all this was made to lower the general center of gravity of the model.
The head is suitable for mounting Turbo type glow plugs.

The crankcase is of a new type, more finned and strengthened and which increases the ability to dissipate heat and maintain constant internal tolerances.
It is treated Hard Black

The crankshaft is of the latest generation, thanks to the use of steel and special heat treatments the component is particularly robust and surprisingly reliable, it is equipped with tungostene weights for balancing

The motor is equipped with a rear bearing in ceramic, Swiss type.

Technical data: 

Displacement: 3.49cc Transfer 
nr. 5
Piston type: CNC
Stroke: 16.90 mm
Bore: 16.20 mm
Shaft: 14.20 mm
Shaft type: Turbo SG
Exhaust type: Rear
Spark plug : Turbo
Bearings: Ceramic