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RC-Project Shoes with 1.0mm Springs (Gold)


RCPJ-A101-01 RC-Project Shoes with 1.0mm Springs (Gold)

The entire design has been completely revised from the previous 2020 version to ensure longer life, less maintenance and greater reliability.

Differences from the previous Version:

- The new shoes has 35% more contact surface area, which ensures longer life and less bell wear.
- The pin hole has been reamed to centesimal tolerance, all edges have been CNC chamfered and not tumbled like the previous version.
- The shoes are produced from a different material and then hard anodized and branded.
- The 0.5mm washer was eliminated and integrated into the shoes for greater reliability and to reduce friction between flywheel and shoes.
- The a new springs design allows for quick and easy assembly.
- The springs have been manufactured from a different material that is very heat resistant to prevent possible breakage or load changes during use.